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October 22, 2009


Playing pet society on facebook.. I'm doing that almost everyday, hehee.. not a very good habit (some people said), but it's really fun actually.. I feel like it could release the stress out of my head, and it could also be one of my passion for having the next day, hahaaa.. little bit over-said that one.. :P No no no, I just love playing games, both offline and online.. :D

This is one of my room.. Almost everything on it I got from the Fairy Egg, hawhaaaww.. :))

and this is my pet, Taptappaa.. cute with that white dress, and (still) cute on that Halloween costume, heheee. :P

Other things..
Doing my assignments.. It's a new semester and I've already got few things to be done..
Anyway, I took the Japanese language class, and realize (again) that learning foreign language is not that easy, hahaaa.. But I'm lovin' it though.. :D
When you are learning foreign language, you better use it often in your day life! Try to combine some word with your own language, it might sounds a little bit weird, but my teachers said that it could help you a lot. ;)

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