DIY Project: Baby Mittens

September 28, 2014

Ever since I got pregnant, there were so many things I wish I made it myself. Since I already got a baby crib from my final project (we'll talk about it later), I actually wanted to make another furniture and some other decoration for our room. Unfortunately we didn't have that much time to make some big things, so I started with a small ones.

I came out with some handmade stuff. The first one is a pair of crochet little mittens for those tiny fingers. Did some trial and error with some materials until I had the finest one. I couldn't believe its sizes when I finished it, but then I found out that a newborn's hand is really that small!

I found the pattern online, but didn't save the page (sorry..) so I guess you should search it 'google-way' . :P

On our 1st PED visit after we discharged from the hospital, Q's PED told me to remove those mittens when he is being breastfed. The reason is because we can see if he is hungry when we see his hands. Hi will hold his fist while he is hungry and being breastfed, and it will getting loose and loose when he is full. So I only put the mittens on when he is going to sleep, to prevent him from scratching his face with those tiny fingers.. :)

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