It's Up To You!

September 12, 2012

I just found a new place to grab some pizzas. Here in Magic Pizza, you can choose all of the ingredients for your pizza, from the thickness of the bread to the topping of it.

Me and Sats went to this place week while there is a 10% discount for every parts of the pizza, hahaha.. what a coincidence! We had a medium size of thick bread with barbecue sauce, smoked beef, roast chicken, onion, mushroom, and of course mozzarella cheese on the top of them.
Medium Pizza | 34.2K (with discount)
We had a little doubt at first, honestly. Whether the taste of the pizza would be a little bit weird, or the topping are just in a small amount. You know, it's natural when you come to a new place to have a little worried, right? But when our pizza came, I just couldn't resist the smell, yummm~  :-9

I like their thick but soft crust, and you can see that the topping and cheese are just generous! This is definitely our new favorite of pizza place. ♥

>>  Magic Pizza  <<
Riau Junction
R.E Martadinata 17 Bandung
West Java - Indonesia

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