Delightful Night at Toko Coklat

March 01, 2013

Never get bored visiting this place.. :)
Hot Chocolate & Cappuccino
Spaghetti Aglio e Olio
Hot Dog
Anyway, I once read a blog that said Toko Coklat have a special cake called Inbox, and I finally tried one. There are two sizes available for this cake. The small one is just a perfect couple for a cup of coffee. The other one is a bit larger so it might be nice for a gift. Wondering why the waitress never offered me this cake before.. 
Chocolate Inbox
Inbox cake is simply a chocolate cake. But I tell you that the taste is not that simple. The cake is very delicate, with a nice chocolate ganache (with a few drops of rhum, I think) in every layers, and cover up by a creamy chocolate. Think I could eat it more and more! 

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Bandung, Indonesia

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