my IKEA wishlist for my tiny kitchen

October 17, 2014


The world's biggest furniture seller IKEA has just opened its first store in Indonesia. I'm beyond excited! Why? Just because I've been dreaming to see their so called uber cool and well designed furniture and kitchen appliance, and of course, trying their famous Swedish Meatball, hahaa..

But I guess I have to wait until that IKEA-alsut-udah-buka-yumari-kita-ke-sana fever is gone. Coz my friends told me that it still crowded nowadays since they're just opened for a few days. And I really don't like walking around in store full of human being, or queuing in restaurant with my 19 months old kiddo (nobody would like to do this one anyway).

So, in spite of my desire to take a picture of those Swedish Meatballs and post it in my Instagram and Path account, I think I'm gonna put on a wishlist for my tiny kitchen first.

GNARP set of 5 // DRÖMMAR pastry cutter // DRÖMMAR baking tray // SOCKERKAKA pastry sheet // ÄDELSTEN mortar // TRIPP tin set // MIXTUR serving bowls // GUBBRÖRA rubber spatula

Want to see more? Visit IKEA Indonesia homepage here and see if there's something you would reeeeeally want there. Feel free to leave a comment if you wanna share your own wishlist. :)

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