Trying some new stuff

January 18, 2010

I can't upload my photo lately because I lost the camera's cable, and not having so much time for uploading it anyway, hahaaaa.. :P
So I guess there is no pic for today..

Anyway, I did Yoga yesterday. But instead of a real Yoga like doing it in a class, I played this game on Wii that feels like doing it for real. The game called Wii Fit Plus, there you can find a lot of things to workout your body like Yoga and Strength Training, and you can do a body test first to make sure what should you do or what exercise best for you. Makes me feel like having a private fitness trainer, hehee.. :D
They called it is a combination of fitness and fun designed for everyone young and old. Hahaaa, it sounds like an advertising. :P

It was my first time doing it. Well actually I did try some Yoga pose couple weeks ago, just to make sure that the game is fine and the Wii Balance Board works, but yesterday was my first time really doing the exercise. Never tried Yoga before, I thought something wrong because I just slightly sweating. My friend had told me once when she doing Yoga she was sweating like rain, then why didn't I?? I thought I wasn't doing it correctly or I might need more time to doing it (I did it for 1 hour yesterday). But what happened the next day of the training is, I hardly woke up today because my abs is hurt like hell, hahaaa..!! (^o^)

Well, let's see how it would change my posture and balance, it's fun doing the exercise and playing game in the same time. ;)

Now back to my assignments.. (>.<)

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