January 01, 2010

Bye bye 2009..
Hi hi 2010..!! ^0^

I spent the whole day yesterday at home because of this flu I had since Tuesday, and gained energy with eat-take some medicine-and sleep for the new year's eve, hahaaa.. ^^

Well, me and my family always having barbecue at home on new year's eve. Actually, we are not a big family, but my mom prepared a lot of chicken satay and sausages since some of us eat a lot, hehee.. But then, my brother go out with his g.f, and my cousin off with his friend.. Great! Then there was only me, my mom, sats and asih that should eat all of that meat. And guess what??! It was 11 p.m and we were full loaded, hahahaaa..!! What a night.. ^0^

Thanks God for letting me have this lovely people near me, and also some other crazy people that loved me and always cheer up my days (you guys rock!!). Thanks for what was happened in the past that made me stronger. Hope everything in the future would be so much better that the past. Love God, love my whole big family wherever you are, love all of my crazy friends out there.

HAPPY NEW YEAR..!! \(^0^)/

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