Product Design 1 + 3D Scetch 2 Projects

March 15, 2010

Talked about design.. and my Uni..

Have I told you that I went to Product Design Department Itenas - Bandung? Well yeah, and it's my 5th year. Hahaaa.. time flies.. It's hard sometimes, but I kinda enjoy it. Hope this is my last year there so I could move forward..!! hehee.. :P

Now here are some of my designs from my 2nd year.

cartilage is a table lighting, made of the skin of jackfruit seeds. We call the jackfruit "nangka" in Indonesia. Sometimes people here using the seeds of nangka to plant a new tree, or boil the seeds to be eaten, and sometimes they would just throw it away. But here, we started from a trash that absolutely useless, and made various products that more valuable. And this one is mine. :D

The yin yang table set is simply came from the image of those great yin and yang philosophy. Combined the unglazed stoneware with the blue glazed one.

Well that's it for now.. I'll post the rest later. Have a nice Monday..!!

Keep designing coz it's fuuunnn..!!^o^

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