Mold On His Leather Bag

February 10, 2011

Boys will be boys.. They have to be told many times about how to treat some kind of product.

Dear anyone out there who care, please do not put any leather goods inside a closed place because that kind of place is usually moist and it could grow mold. And that was what happened to Sat's Bag. When he took out his waist bag from a box, I was like "Oh my God..!! What have you done to the bag..??". It was full of mold.. yucks..!!

I have googling about how to remove the mold and got some answers that I combine in a conclusion. Now I want to share a few steps to remove mold from your leather goods. It's easy!! Don't worry because I have tried it on Sat's bag and it works.. ;)

Before you started, please use a pair of rubber gloves to cover your hands, and use a mask to cover your mouth because the mold would spread to the air when you clean it up. Prepare for a soft brush or a used tooth brush, it's enough for a small bag anyway, and a small patch of cotton cloth. Dissolve a small amount of dish soap into about 200cc of water. Then let's start removing the disturbing mold..

1. Brush as many mold as you can from the leather. Don't brush it too hard, we don't want to damage the leather. This way, we could reduce the mold.

2. With a small patch of cotton cloth, wipe all of the leather's surfaces, I mean it, all of them!! Because the mold that remain will still growing.

3. Dry the leather product under the bright bright sun. Just leave it until it dry, don't do it all day, it will damaged the leather. Actually I waited and stared at the bag for about 5 minutes and pick it up immediately. I just don't want the leather to be like really dry and get hard, heheee..

Aaaaannddd.. Here is the result..

Hope it could help you remove the mold.. Good luck..!! ^_^

Note: If you see some scars on the leather, don't worry because they are usually some old scars. The mold covered the scars so you didn't see it before.

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