Plates on All Over the Wall

December 09, 2011

I read about this new restaurant about a month ago but just got time to visit it yesterday, Plate For Me.

It wows me when I first went in. Just look at those plates with random pictures on all over the wall! There's a drum filled with wine bottles, and the lamp in the corner is cool! It was made of a totem cups. The interior is awesome. I even like the ceiling, hahaa.. I know that some of the decorations are actually quite simple, but here in Bandung, you will not see this kind of decors everyday. That's why I'm very happy when I find some.. (^▼^)

A few minutes later..
I went to the toilet and glad to have the same theme inside, they also put plates on the entire wall. But a minute later I found out that the pictures on the plates are stickers. Well I'm not saying that was not good, I get it, have a print on a plate is a lot more expensive, but the thing is, I really believed that those plates are printed, so I was a little bit disappointed, just a little..

Until the foods and drinks came.. That was the time when I got more disappointed. I got a few points here..
Sats ordered a Fettuccine Alfredo. First of all, all of us are agree that the fettuccine was overcooked. And another thing that bothered me were the peas. I never had fettuccine alfredo with peas. Broccoli maybe works, but peas? I don't really thing so..

Here is my fave, Spaghetti Aglio E Olio. Amen ordered it, and the spaghetti was just a little bit undercooked. What's up with the chef?? However, overall this dish taste good. :)

I got myself a Caesar Salad, but it looks like the kitchen is running out of ingredients. I mean, where is the egg, and the chicken, or the smoked beef?? I only got some slices of fresh lettuce, onion, and tomato, with a pinch of parmesan and some sliced toasted bread and the dressing.

And let's wrap the last ones quickly..
I didn't really like the Manggo Combo (or Manggo-something, I forgot its name), they put too much water so it taste flavorless. The Iced Mojito was also flavorless. Well, I kinda taste the lemon (since a huge part of it was flying in my glass), and the soda, but not the mint! And oh please, why did you guys used a damaged mint? It has brown spots on the mint leaves! (--___--)
The Bruschetta were really not good at all. The baguette sliced too thick, the pepperoni stinks, fatty minced beef, I'm so sorry but those 3 bruschetta were the worst dish on that night..

No offense, but this is just what is happening throughout yesterday night. And for the record, that was the first time that my request got rejected in a restaurant. I was asking if the spaghetti aglio e olio could be replaced by fettuccine aglio e olio. I thought it was a simple one. But if that was the chef's provision, I could only bear.

So, after that night, I have to deal with my need-to-be-pleasure eyes, nose and stomach. Now looking for some nice food for this weekend.. I think me and Sats are going out with the girls again next Sunday, we'll see.. Have a nice weekend everyone! (^.^)

Plate For Me
Jl. Riau No.172 Bandung

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