Baby Q goes to Trademark and The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

May 05, 2013

We went to Trademark at The Trans Luxury Hotel Bandung. It was Qavi's first big mall outing! And it looks like he enjoyed it very much..

We stopped in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to grab some snacks. It's been a very long time since my last visit to Coffee Bean, due to an unpleasant event that happened years ago. Thanks God it didn't happen again this time! Anyway, we had a Chicken Curry Pie (or something like that, I forgot the name of the dish) and a hot Mocha Latte (and I also forgot this one's real name on the menu, hahaa.. pardon me! I lost the bill..). The coffee is good.. The pie? Hmm.. I think it was o.k!

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