Durian Pancake at D'Durens

May 09, 2013

For you who like the king of the foods - durian, this place is worth to be visited. I tried their special durian pancake yesterday and it taste really nice! What makes it special is they made everything by themselves, from the pancake to the filling. And it's a real durian pieces that is in the pancake, with a nice cream to balance the strong taste.

And if you are a fan of an iced dessert, try this one out, Es Saus Durian! It contains about 5 pieces of durians in a bowl of fla and coconut milk with shaved ice on top. Gosh!! It's been a long time.. Ever since I got pregnant I stoped to eat durian, and now it taste like heaven on earth, hihii..

>>  D'Durens  <<
Palasari no.2
Bandung - Indonesia
(022) 7314684

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