Sukha Delights - Bandung

November 08, 2014

Sometimes there is this kinda moment when you feel like there's no other way to go..

Well, I got that feeling yesterday. It's the final match of our national football league, and our hometown heroes Persib FC is on the game. The whole town were super excited, and the traffic was horrible. It was literally no other way to go!

After got back from Suniaraja to get some stuff, we planned to go back home. But the traffic was awful so S was thinking about going somewhere near to sit back and relax for a couple hours. We went to Paskal Hypersquare and accidentally bumped into this fine pastry shop called Sukha Delights.

It looks like a small shop from outside. Couples of high chairs and round tables outside (smoking area I guess), and some more tables and chairs inside of the shop. We went in and found a lot of cheesecakes, croissants, breads, macarons and other sweet delights in their showcase. Oh my it looks so damn fine, a mouth-watering showcase!

Anyway, I'm so sorry for not posting any close-up pictures of the showcase. I had to running around catching my little monster, hahaa.. you know, no todds can sit still more than a couple minutes! Hi-5 for those mommies out there that have to deal with todds things while sipping a cup of latte in a cafe out there! Bear with me, I know how odd those moments are, hahaa..

I thought it was just a small one floor get and go pastry shop, turns out that they have a 2nd floor full of customers. I have read some nice review of them from other bloggers too. And I couldn't agree more! They have nice foods, nice drinks, nice place and kind people inside.
Prawn Chowder (35) | Lychee Iced Tea (22) | Cappuccino (28.5)
Think this little guy was also enjoying his dinner that night..

Aaannddd.. that's mean that Sukha Delights is definitely going to be our new favorite place for chillin' out now. yay! ♥

Sukha Delights
Paskal Hypersquare D-11

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