Weekend Getaway - Pesona Alam Resort and Spa, Bogor.

December 02, 2016

We spent a night at Pesona Alam few weeks ago. S had to work on Sunday so we decided to come so we could still spend our weekend together. Me and Q had fun around the resort while S was dealing with meeting and stuff at the Clubhuis

We came on breakfast time, had some toast, sausage, bacon, nasi goreng, cereal and juices (you can find various dish on their breakfast time, from salad or toast to soto and dim sum), enjoy the view, and then went to the hotel room. It was raining and I was still too exhausted to do anything so we stayed at the room for a while. Q played with his Lego and I could have a nice warm cup of coffee. Anyway, we put all of his everyday Lego in one ready-to-go box so we can just grab it and go whenever we think we need it. It's one of my favorite parent life hack, hahaa..

When the rain was calming down, we went outside the room and looked what's nearby. The view was so amazing! Definitely one of the best place to spend your weekend getaway after some very hectic days in the city.

There were so many things you can do at Pesona Alam Resort and Spa. They have swimming pools next to the Restaurant with a gorgeous view. There also a very nice synthetic lawn with a mini soccer goal on one side and sofas on the other side. 

They kinda have a kids club, with some children's book, toys and stuff. But there was no one there to watch or took after your children so you have to do it yourself. Well it's more like a small kids room tho. 

Right beside the kids room is a fitness room and a set of table tennis game on the terrace. So whenever you found yourself stuck in the hotel area in a super rainy day, you still have so many options about what to do to spend the rest of the day. 

There used to be a bamboo playground next to the pool area, but I think due to the quite extreme weather lately in Puncak, the bamboo playground was damaged quite badly. There was also a fun big trampoline beside the playground. 

We spent half of day-2 in the forest near the Clubhuis outside the Hotel before we went back to Bandung. Q really loves the forest! The ground, the trees, the flowers, and not to mentions the pine cones. He keeps on running and jumping and climbing and rolling around the ground.

And this Clubhuis's The Ultimate was a super nice companion on that sunny afternoon. 

Jalan Taman Safari 101
Cisarua, Bogor
West Java

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