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July 20, 2009

long weekend..

18.07.09 at Mangkok Ayam
It is one of the best Chinese restaurant in Town, located in Setiabudi Supermarket - Bandung

(Nasi Lemak Komplit)
Usually known in Indonesia as 'Nasi Uduk', is rice that cooked with coconut milk and some spices. 'Nasi Lemak Komplit' is a set of Nasi Uduk, Fried Spicy Chicken, and a half slice of Egg.

(Bakmi Manis Ayam Jamur)
A sweet noodle with sliced chicken and mushroom, and served with a clear broth soup
(Lumpia Udang Kulit Tahu)
Spiced shrimps wrapped by tofu skin

19.07.09 at Smittens
New place for having yoghurt at Paris Van Java - Bandung
It was a cup of green tea yoghurt with mochi topping

New from Fanta I guess, love it..!! hehee.. :P

20.07.09 at Paris Van Java
PVJ is one of the biggest mall in Bandung. located on Jalan Sukajadi.
My favorite : Chicken Teriyaki Onigiri
Bought at Papaya - one of the stores at PVJ

Coffee time at J.Co.. Had Caramel Freeze and a Glazzy.. The 3rd picture was taken by me (all of them,actually :P), with my digi cam, and the top of the plastic coffee cup for the effect, hahaaaa.. I just love taking pic with little effect from something near me..

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