..homemade klappertart..

July 03, 2009

Imagine a cake with coconuts inside of it, didn’t make me really want to taste it at first. But I did excited about how people adore that pudding (yup, some call it custard pudding).

All I know is that klappertart is a special dessert originally from Manado – Indonesia. But you can found it in someother city in Indonesia such as Bandung and Jakarta too.

A couple days ago, my sister brought me her homemade klappertart, which was made me like “whoaaaaaaw..!!” and it really became my best-first-bite klappertart. The coconut, the rhum, the almonds, the whole things are just great!! Looovin’ it..!! ^o^

This is the last slice of the awesome sistmade klappertart, and FYI, I still have to share it with my dad, hahaaa..

Anyway, if you'd like to order this klappertart you can mail me, my sister sell it in Jakarta actually, hohooo.. ;)

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