been there done this.. (^o^)/

July 17, 2009

Coffee.. First thing in the morning.. ;)
Checked on my accounts.. Played those games, hahaaa.. Chit-chatted..
Made lunch for 3..

Then went to the campus..
Had my lunch.. My milo with ice..
Went to the store to buy me an ice cream, and this magz..

Chit-chat, offline.. Lot of things to share.. Had those light meal @ Resep Moyang, ‘tempe mendoan’, they have one of the best mendoan in town, the greatest one is on Simpang Dago, I’ll tell you latter about that one.. ;)
this is how the 'tempe mendoan' usually looks like..

Went to Momiji with boyfriend and our friends.. Great place for ended up this day.. It is one of the best Japanese resto in Bandung, and I loooooove their sushi..!! They are bigger than any other sushi I have found in here, and taste great! We watched the teppan guy cooking for some of the other customers, and I guess I have to give it a try sometimes,hahaaa..

the sushi.. :D
and tempura udon..
Ooow! It's morning already.. Couldn't sleep 'cause of my period.. (+_+#)
Well that's it for now, gutte nacht.. ^o^

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