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December 12, 2009

Something happened about two months ago. My friend came up with this music video from SNSD, a South Korean girl group, called 'gee' on his facebook wall. Then suddenly all of my friends in the class (especially the girls) be a k-pop lovers, hahahaa.. :D

Since that time, we started to searching for some other k-pop group, especially from S.M.Entertainment. Hahaaa.. It's funny 'cause ever since that time, it's like the first thing that we talk about when we meet at our campus is Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee or f(x), heheee.. :P

Well, I like them because I think they are really great, you know, singing and dancing at the same time, it's like a hard works to do. Their songs are good too. I also lovin' the story about how they could be just like now. I think S.M.E are doing a great job to found a lot of talented boys and girls, and made the groups.

I used to dance a lot when I was in High and Junior School, and started it again now since I saw them, hahaaa.. And guess what? Now we started to learn Korean language, since we are really want to go to Seoul and see them live from the stage. :P
Sounds childish huh? Well I think that's what a fan usually do, dreaming about their favorites.. :D

Oh, and congratz for all members of SuJu, SNSD and SHINee for the Awards, and especially for Super Junior for winning the Daesang Award. Hwaiting..!! <(^0^)/

Anyway, here is some of their video..

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