Friday I'm Starving

May 16, 2010

Yaiy! It's Twister - my favorite menu at KFC, hohooo.. Ask me why! Because it has those delicious and hard to be resisted sliced chickens and the vegetables too in it. Hahaaa.. :))

Here is a cup of cappuccino that we had. Ooops, I think I messed up the foam when tried to make a kind of latte art with it, hahaa.. Cappuccino? Yes, KFC have a coffee corner now. I found it couple weeks ago that KFC on Jalan Merdeka is open 24 hours and have a coffee booth. Now I know where else to go when I'm starving on the middle of the deadline night. :P

We took a table on the outside. They have sofas too. Not a very comfortable one actually, but it's nice.

And there it is our cappuccino.. I tried to make it look better with those brown sugar, hahaa..

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