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May 02, 2010

I told you there was this new resto on my last post. It's called H.E.M.A, a Dutch restaurant.

That night when I came there it's quite full, they said they are having a promo for this week. I took this picture of 1st level from the 2nd one. You can see that the waitress are using the Dutch traditional clothes, isn't that cute?? :D

.. H.E.M.A - 1st level.. .. H.E.M.A - 2nd level..

Too bad they don't have air conditioner on the 2nd floor and the windows are closed, it makes the room feels like an oven! Thanks to some guys beside our tables who opened the windows - without even care when the waiter whispered "you can't open the window, sir!" - hahaaa..

And now is my favorite, let's see their foods and drinks, shall we..?? ^o^

They coffee are great!! I hardly guessed what's in my coffee that made it great, may be the milk, but it's tasteful! And the red bean soup is just delicious! Ayu had a salad, have I told you that she's so into mayonnaise? She could even use mayo on her fried rice, amazing! hahaaa.. :D And she like the one in this resto.

Well for that croquette, I have another story. We were laugh out loud when this little one came on the end of our diner. Why? Because we had to wait for a very long time - from the first time we ordered to our last sop - before it came, and the size was just amazing, tiny! hahaaa.. The good thing was when I took a little fork-slice of it, it was just great! ^o^

I think we really need a holiday, girls!! >_< ..ciao! have a great weekend..

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