bandrek.. bajigur.. ^o^

May 20, 2010

I went to this place last Saturday with my bf, when we wanted to eat something with small bite.. Well actually, small bites make me eat a lot because my brain thinks it just a little piece of food and it's delicious and makes your stomach ask for more, hahaa.. :D

Anyway, here we are in a small roadside cafe that sells Bajigur and Bandrek named "Bajigur Asli", which means "The Real Bajigur". ^^

OK, now here some facts about bajigur and bandrek..

  • Bajigur and Bandrek are some Sundanese (one of the culture that live in Java - Indonesia) traditional beverage.
  • Bajigur is also called "Cocopucino" because the color is brown like cappuccino, and it made from coconut milk, brown sugar and pandan leaves. Sometimes they also put in some kolang kaling in it.
  • Bandrek is made from ginger and some other ingredients like brown sugar and cinnamon. They also add some sliced coconut in it. People here in Bandung believed that bandrek has a healing effect on a sore throat.
  • Bandrek and Bajigur are served hot or warm, especially when the weather is cold or when it rain.
I like bandrek rather than bajigur because I don't really like coconut milk, and it leaves a warm feeling on my throat. Oh, and another thing is, they usually served with some gorengan like pisang goreng (fried banana), gehu (tofu filled with bean sprout), bala-bala (mixed vegetables that fried with flour) and some other fried-small bite food, I can say.. :P

Try some!! You can find this "Bajigur Asli - Ibu Hj Siti Maemunah" booth of on Jalan Cilaki, Bandung -Indonesia. They open everyday from 5 to 12 p.m. ;)

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