work and play..

August 29, 2010

I've been playing with my Elmo lately.. ^o^

No no no, he's not a new one, I had him for about 6 years until now.. I just missed him (actually he's been in my room ever since he was taken to my home, sounds weird when I thought I missed him :P) while watching he's sitting up there on my closet, then I realize how dusty he was, heheee.. So I picked him out of the closet and cleaned him up and cut off his gray hair (he really had one, hahaaa..)

Anyway.. I got this t-shirt material from my cousin.. He has a t-shirt factory and lots of the remaining material left with almost no use in his house, so I ask him if I could have some of it..

I have made some necklaces from those t-shirt material (what do they called anyway??).. Well let's see how many accessories could I make from them, and I'll post it later.. ^_^

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