September 07, 2011

Happy Ied Mubarak!
Now the new moon has come, let's make ourselves better than the days before.. (^^)

Here in Indonesia, we usually get one or even two weeks off from our works during Iedul Fitri time. I had a short trip to some other cities in Java Island with Sats and my brother and met some other family members. It's been a long time since I went out of Bandung.. It was fun!! (^o^)

On the night of the August 30th..
Off to Sat's hometown.. Semarang! Some says that it is the city of cuisines.. and I do agree! Heheee.. You could find so many kinds of cuisines from Javanese to Chinese, and they have a great taste! Too bad I don't have quite a long time to try as many as I could there, also didn't get great pictures. I really have to come back there for another vacation..!!

Day 1

We went to Pati, a small city near Semarang, and stopped by at the Dua Kelinci factory. Just known that they are now the official sponsor of Real Madrid, wow! Anyway, I wondered why they named the company "Dua Kelinci" (Two Rabbits), and came up with their history about the two rabbits and two fishes on their website. Wait, have you guys ever realize that there were two fishes on Dua Kelinci logo? Well I don't even known about it until I read that story, hahaa..

There is a huge poster of Real Madrid players outside the factory, and I took some pictures with Mesut Ozil, he is one of my fave football player, hihiii.. (^^)

Day 2
cafe du chocolat

Relax with a cup of hot dark chocolate and caramel macchiato at cafe du chocolat.

That's it for today, wait for the next post for the rest of my vacation.. Have a nice trip everyone! Bon voyage..!! :D

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