it's saturday already!!

September 18, 2010

This week went by soooooo fast.. I barely couldn't remember everything that I did from Monday until yesterday. Our house maid was go back to her village on the first week of September and might not coming back here so we have to search for the replacement. That means, until we got the replacement, all of the family should work together for the house work. Let's say.. it's good for our health because it can be considered as a workout right?? hahaaa.. :P

Anyway, remember the fabric remnants I told you on the previous post?? It turned out to be 6 braided statement necklaces.. ^o^ Here is the picture of them. I think I'm not going to post the detail in here because me and Ondy in Mix Match Head are working for our blog and I'm gonna post each of the necklace there. I'll give the link when it's ready.. ^^

I still got a few more of the fabric remnants so I guess I have to find out another way to use them.

Oh my!! I forgot to cut some for Ondy, I've promise to bring them tomorrow.. Should go now..

Have a nice weekend.. :D

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