Snap it!!

September 24, 2010

I have playing this game for about 3 weeks and now I'm addicted to it, hahaa.. It's an application from facebook called Car Town. Yuhuuuu..!! I love racing with the others, getting experience and money, and buying a new car, hahaaa.. It would be so much much fun if I can have them in a real life.. :P

And while I was playing the game, I like doing some simple things in the same time, like web browsing and twitting and post comments on fb and chatting and having a cup of coffee simultaneously. You know, it could save times, heheee.. :P

Anyway, see both picture up there?? I was using a screen capture software called 'Snap It'. It's funny that I saw this 'snap' word lately like every where I go ever since I made a new blog on Tumblr that named Snap This and That, hihiii.. :D

Talk about snapping a picture.. If you guys are using a version of Windows vista, xp or below, here is a program that could help you with the screen when you are blogging. SnapIt is a screen capture software, it allows you to easily capture anything on the screen including windows, menus, full screen, rectangular regions, web pages and take shots of moving images. You can see the detail here.

Let me can say I like SnapIt because it is easy to use for blogging or writing. It support hotkeys and auto-saving, makes life easier, heheee.. check this out!! I just need to snap the picture using the Print Screen button, and paste (Ctrl+V) it to Ms Word and that's it.. the picture that I need was just there.. :D

Sounds easy and fun..?? Well I got a deal for you.. How about give it a shot and tell me what do you think about it? You can download the program here and have a trial for some days. Give a review about it in your blog/forum/twitter/facebook account, and send me your link on the comment box of this post. I will then, send 5 links to Digeus and you guys might got a chance of having the reg code of SnapIt.

Have a great weekend..!! ;)

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