The Experiment and Bao the Chinese Cuisine

October 01, 2010

I watched The Experiment with Sats and Ondy last Monday and yes, the movie was awe to the some..!! hahaa.. Tell me I'm over-react but for some reason I just love this movie from the beginning to the last scene while Ondy is also feel in love (again, more..) with Adrien Brody :P Well after seeing this one, who wouldn't anyway?? heheee..

And there is this new Chinese cuisine restaurant that was just opened in Paris Van Java called 'Bao'. The thing that make us interested was that they make dim sum, one of the Chinese dish I love the most.

So we went to the store and try some of the dish on the menu. Too bad we came there quite late-soon before they were going to close that day, so that some of the dish were run out and from those many kind of baozi, or we known as bao, we can only have 3 kind of them because that's all that left behind.

I must admit that I really like the porridge!! I'm not a fan of them actually, since they are usually tasteless just like the other food for patients in hospital. I only have some places to have a porridge because only few kind of them I could eat, some that could pass through my tongue off course, hehee.. and the 'Bubur Ayam' (Chicken Porridge) in Bao is just great! It's a simple plain white porridge I doubt about the taste when first seen it, but then finished quickly after tasted it.

I tried the siew mai (usually it's a pork dumpling but here it's chicken) but didn't try the hakaw (shrimp dumpling) because my stomach was already full, but Sats and Ondy said that they taste similar with the one in Mangkok Ayam-Setiabudi, they taste gooooodd..!! :D

Aaaahh.. Should try them out again someday, they have soooo many kind of dish on the menu, I'm curious, hohoooo.. ^o^

Oh, next time when I come back there, I would take more snap from the front of the store to the menu list. Sorry for the lack of picture, it's 9 p.m and I was starving, hahaa..
Have a nice weekend everyone..!! :D

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