The Art Market

October 16, 2010

Bandung had tons of guests last Sunday. It's because of the Art Market that was held at ITB. They held that event once every 2-4 years (if I'm not mistaken), and for this year they held it on one day only so people came from all over the nation to see this.. that's why you had a long long traffic jam on that day if you used a car or motorbike along Dago and some other nearby streets.

I went to ITB art market with widz and could only hold my breath about an hour there because of the crowded.. I couldn't take better pictures than these.. It's hard to take a picture inside that crowded living humans that walking on all over directions.. -_-"

Some works.. Some booths..

Some ant mans and the giant ant mom.. ^^

Those are the art works from Baduy, a tribe in Banten - West Java, Indonesia. I always wanted to see them in person, kinda curious about how they live life. Some of my friends that had been there said some of them are still primitive. When we go there we are not allowed to bring any gadget or some other things from their 'outside world', not even a soap..!!

And this is my favorite, from nato art..

Actually, there were some fashion booths too, but since it was really hot and crowded and our stomach are screaming for foods and the food booths are full of people, we decided to go out of there and find a place that quiet and serve good food and cold fresh beverage..

Oh and I did found that place, not far away from the exhibition, on the side of Dago street, a cute little Japanese restaurant called Orenji.. I'll tell you guys later cause my eyes are so heavy rite now and I really need my nice little green-orange-yellow pillow.. :D

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