Daisuki Orenji

October 20, 2010

It means 'I like Orange' in English..

I do like Orange as a color, a fruit, and now I also like it as a mini-resto, hihiii.. There is a new Japanese restaurant in town called Orenji. Long time I've been waiting for a resto that serve a cheap-delicious-big portion of Japanese foods and beverages, and now here it is.. hahaaa.. I'm so happy that the place is not too far away from the uni, I could cycling there, hehee.. XD

See..? The place is quite small with a very simple decoration. Oh, I like the logo by the way.. :D

And this is my favorite.. They named it 'Matcha Ice Green Tea'.. How funny is that? They named it green tea two times, matcha and green tea, hihiii.. I don't know if they do that on purpose but that's fine since it taste good.. :P and you know what? The glass was big enough that I could spent about two and half hours there chit-chatting with my friends, hahaaa.. :D

Oh, I just remembered.. Their ogura ice cream was also good.. ;)

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