I'm A Chocolate's Best Friend!

June 17, 2011

Yell yeah! It's one of my favorite.. XD
There are some days in a month that I should say no to a cup of coffee for the sake of my stomach, and on that days I drink chocolate for exchange, ohohooo.. and Delfi Hot Cocoa is one of my favorite. (I can't

Anyway, here are some other chocolate based foods, and drinks, and snacks that I had during last May.. ^^
Astor used to be my favorite snack, but since there are a lot more various of chocolate sticks in store, with richer and various chocolates in it, made me switch my mind to choose another sticks.. ooppss.. sorry.. I think Chocolatos is much better.

Here are some desert at The Harvest. I like their Chocolate Melt. But somehow it felt a little bit floury, you know, I could clearly taste the flour in it. But I love the garnish, how they put everything on the plate was amazing.. :D
Chocolate Melt

Hey, there's a new cake at The Harvest, chocolate cupcake! Cupcakes haven't really popular in Bandung right now, but they are quite famous in Jakarta. Mmmm.. I'm thinking about making it popular by trying to selling it online. Still on my way to try on some recipes right now, heheee.. I'll show you mine later.. ;) Anyway, this is it, chocolate cupcake by The Harvest. I'm not sure about it. I tried one, and I don't really like the cake, it's too soft just like the cake that usually used in tiramisu (not the ladyfinger, it's more like sponge cake).
The Harvest's Cupcake

Aaaannddd.. Starbucks has some new brewed coffee, with chocolate in it!! One of them is this Hot Cocoa Cappuccino. Just great for a friend, late at night, after shopping with my fiance, yuuuhhuuuu.. ^o^

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