The Best Day Ever

July 09, 2011

We're married..!! :D
After about 4 and a half years seeing each other, on last Sunday, July 2 2011, we are officially husband and wife, yaaayy..!!

Make Up, Accessories and Wedding Dress for bride and groom from La Diva.

With semi-modern Minang tradition, I was using Suntiang (the Minang bride's crown) and Songket (traditional embroideries cloth from West Sumatra) that was specially made by craftsmen in Padang, Sumatera Barat - Indonesia. Aunt Yeye gave me this beautiful songket as a wedding gift couple days before the wedding, thank youuu~!! :D

And thanks to all family and friends who have helped us during the preparation and the wedding ceremony. Thanks for the loves and prays.. Love you all, mwaaaaahh..!! :-*

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