The Second Saturday Night

July 10, 2011

We decided to go to Ciwalk, and since it was Saturday night, the traffic was awful.. (-_-!)
Bandung is now full with people from some other city near it on the weekends. The good thing is : Bandung is now known as one of the most favorite destination for having a short holiday. But believe me that the traffic would not be as good as the foods, hahaaa.. :D

Anyway, after walking around that night, we stopped by a recently opened cafe called Kopi Tuan. It's just catchy, since there is no punctuation mark, it could mean "Mister's Coffee" or "Coffee, Sir?". It's small but quite a nice place, with nice waiters that gladly answering every single of our questions about their cafe and menu. ^^

Have you ever heard a siphon? Or vac pot? It's a vacuum coffee maker that produce rich and smooth coffee, better than other brewing methods. Invented by Loeff of Berlin in the 1830s, and still been used in many parts of the world, including here in Indonesia. I have seen it on the net years ago, while browsing on a coffee shop website, but never saw it for real until that night.

They sell some of Indonesian coffee from Sumatra, Java to Toraja, and could serve it with siphon, how cool is thaaaattt..?? Hahaaa.. We ordered one cup of Toraja coffee. I was really exited, asked so many things to the barista while he let us know how to use it. He keeps smiling while me and Sats were wowing through the process.
Kopi Tuan Toraja Coffee

See how smooth the coffee was when the waiter pour it to the cup..??

Hwaaaa.. After amazed by the sipon, their cassava was just blew us away.. When it first came, it just looks like a simple fried cassava, a very typical of Indonesian food. But when I tried it, it was so soft that I keep eat it more and more without getting myself an itchy throat. ^o^

And for another option.. this ice caramel macchiato was good too..

After all, I enjoy that night so much. Sure we would love to come back there again soon. ;)

Kopi Tuan
Cihampelas Walk
Bandung, Indonesia

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