Cheese Factory!

July 12, 2011

There is a new fast food restaurant look alike in town, Richeese Factory! Came up there after having a nice karaoke night with the girls and Sats. Since they have a coffee machine, I asked for a hot cappuccino. Not a bad one, but I guess it's not really gonna be my favorite.

Anyone out there love cheese? Well, I do! We tried some of their cheese cake. They have quite a variety of the cheese cake. We had green tea, tiramisu, and blueberry cheese cake. Taste good, with a really fine prices.
cheese cake

The funny thing is, they come in a tiny size, hahaa.. Look at their proportions comparing to my coffee mug..
cheese cake

With that tiny size and a fine price, you could have some variety of them all at once, just like I did, hihii.. :P
Try them out at Richeese Factory.
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