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September 22, 2011

Remember Backyard Monster on Facebook? Seems like this game is trending now in some countries. I haven't been playing this game for a long looong time. And when I got back to see it, my backyard was damaged so bad. Lots of change happened on the game so I need some time to get used with it. Remember those cute little monsters on the hatchery last year

There are no cutey mini monster anymore.They all have evolved to be such a dreadful ones now.

But I still like them though, heheee.. (^^)
Anyway, my yard has been attacked by Carol's all this week. She didn't accept my truce and I've lost millions of resources from those battles, she's a damn good player, hahaaa.. After couple of days playing it, I finally got some times to changed my layout, haven't finished it yet but, how do you think?? :)

Changing the layout is really takes times, and it is so much easier with a Yard Planner, so don't forget to build yours on the beginning of the game! And oh! One other thing that you should remember is, when you are planning to change the layout of your yard, make sure that you don't have building that is been upgrading, because that building couldn't be moved.

Happy Backyard Monster-ing..!! \(^o^)/

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