Macaron or Macaroon..??

February 18, 2012

Sats once ask me why I wrote the word "macaron" instead of "macaroon" on my first post about it. Who knows that missing an "o" in a word could cause so many problem?? For you that think a macaroon is a cute and colorful little dessert made of egg white and filled with jam, nnnggggg.. you might get it wrong. Well, not completely wrong, since the English word "macaroon" is derived from the French "macaron". I might not a true expert here but I love them so much that make me feel like I have to let you guys know that the right word is actually "macaron", drop one of the o please!
the Harvest macaron 02

MacarOn is known as a French dessert, although there has been much debates about its origin because some have traced that an Italian pastry chef brought them to France. It's a sandwich-like pastry that come in a variety of colors and flavors.

Here is the basic split of a single macaron:
1 part cookie [ground almonds + egg white + sugar] +
1 part filling [buttercream, ganache, jam] +
1 part cookie [ground almonds + egg white + sugar] =
1 complete macaron [happiness] :)
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While macarOOn is a small cake or meringue-like cookie. Although both macarOn and macarOOn use egg whites, they look totally different. MacarOOns usually use coconut (the American way) in their ingredient, and sometimes topped with a tiny slice of cherry
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MacarOOn is more like a small and simple cookie, and often dipped in chocolate.
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You might know that the "oo" in macarOOn spells like "broom" or "room". Now how to spell macarOn? It's "maka-ron" just like the name Ron. Few people pronounce it like it rhymes with the vowels in "room" but I go with the short one.

So, for you that have been wondering, I hope this could help. ;)
Have a nice day..!!

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