Spring Over The Clouds

February 29, 2012

Just a quick post on the midnight..

I missed the whole Indonesian Fashion Week 2012, huhuuuu.. :(  My friend Audry was there, took care her company stand (she is a fashion illustrator by the way). I guess I could only hear it from her the next time we meet and seeing some post from the fashion bloggers. Unfortunately I couldn't go there because me and Sats have to maintain our new ID, and it really take times to be done.. (-_-)

It's been a long time and I kinda missed my soft pastel, so last week I took a day off (well, sort of, hehee..) and came up with this illustration using a pink soft pastel and a black marker. I love combining pink and black so it wouldn't be too girly.. :P

Anyway, it's been rainy all day today and Sats has fell asleep already and I have to catch up because the morning will come soon so good nite..!! (^^)

Spring Over The Clouds

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