November 09, 2012

Some of you might have know about kopitiam, but let me explain it to the others who might have wondering for some time about it. Kopitiam is a traditional coffee shop that can be found around some Southeast Asia countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Usually run by their local Chinese peoples. The word kopi is Malay for coffee, and tiam is Hokkien dialect word for shop

So, kopitiam is basically a coffee shop. What makes it different from other cafe is their menu. Kopitiam mostly offer coffee, tea, and Milo (a malted chocolate drink that is very popular in Southeast Asia, and happened to be my favorite too, hehee). They also offer simple foods based on egg, toast, and kaya jam. Some of them also have other traditional Southeast Asian foods like kway tiao, bakmie, and nasi lemak.

Well, kopitiam is one of our favorite place, of course! They serve nice coffee, milo, toast, and some kopitiam in Bandung are also serve dim sum, yay!! Me and Sats love spending our free time chit-chatting in kopitiam just like what we usually do in other coffee shops or cafe. Different atmosphere, different taste, but same pleasure! :)

Anyway, we were just visited the famous Kopitiam Oey that newly opened recently in Braga, Bandung. Since we came a little bit late and they will be closed soon, I only took some "important" picture of my order and eat them up so quickly, hihiii.. Since I don't have their interior picture, I will explain it later when I re-visit this place. But I can tell you that this kopitiam is very homey and the servant are very nice. :)
Milo Dinosaur | 20k
Milo Dinosaurus is one of my favorite drink when I visit kopitiam, especially since I got pregnant and have to cut down my caffeine consumption. But I prefer it without any whipped cream or jam, cause they kinda interfere the real taste of the Milo.
Roti Canai Kari Ajam | 27k
I was surprised by the food that I ordered that night, Roti Canai Kari Ajam. Aside of my first time tasted, it taste really gooooooddddhh..!! I love the curry consistency. It was a small portion but came with a big taste!  Looking forward to visit Kopitiam Oey again soon.. :)

>>  Kopitiam Oey  <<
Braga 45 Bandung - Indonesia
(022) 42600612

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