Breakfast and Lunch - Kopi O, Semarang

December 30, 2014

This cafe is becoming our favorite since the last time we had a holiday in Semarang couple months ago. Kopi O is getting even better now with more foods and beverages on their menu, and a lot more customer too. Last day in Semarang and we head off to Kopi O before starting our trip back home. Had a breakfast of toast, coffee, green tea, and a plate of breakfast set.
Oops.. somebody couldn't bear to grab those kaya toast..

Aaaaannnddd.. you know, bad luck does happen.. Our car's battery is suddenly dead! So we have to stay a little longer, call for help, and wait for the mechanics to arrive and get everything done before leaving town. Not to mention that it was Sunday and everybody are in a day off. But luckily we stuck in a cafe! hahaaa.. So we ordered lunch and Q could get a little nap before leaving.

Fish and Chips, and Nasi Goreng Siram (if I'm not mistaken)..

Now there are some things I don't like. I know it's hard to keep up with more customers in store, but you know, you have to deal with it! More customers doesn't mean that you could lower your level of services. As I moved from the middle room to the back, I found this interesting facts that the back space is a very nice place but not very neat.

First, we sat there for about 20 minutes and those dirty dishes are still sitting there, next to our seat. Nobody take them out until I can't remember for how long. Doh?! Dirty dishes on a table are really not a view that I would like to watch for a long time before lunch.

And the second thing was, we found tissues and papers just everywhere. In the sofa, on the table, below the table.. That's too bad.. :(

Well, we all know that customers could be very ignorant about cleanliness. But we should pay on attention on it, especially when working in the culinary business. I really hope they will fix the problem because me and S, we really like that place.. :)

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