Dog Walking at Pet Park Bandung

December 01, 2014

It's official! Bandung is now has a new park specialized for our lovely pets, Pet Park. It's not finished yet, but it's open for public just a few weeks ago. I bet all of the animal lovers out there are really excited about it as we do!

And here we are in a lovely afternoon, bringing D and N's lovely Baloo to Pet Park for the first time..
Oh I forgot to tell you, we don't have any pet yet in our family, hope someday we'll do! Because me and Sats are sooo in love with fluffy animals. Even our little guy loves to hang around with huge kind of dogs, especially goldens. ♥

Baloo was soooo happy playing with other dogs in the park. ♥

Cool sculpture idea.
Dogie bench
Err.. I guest this should be a trash bin, but not yet functioned. 
Having so much fun running and walking and jumping here and there!
Balooooo ♥

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  1. kalau dipikir2 wisata bandung memang ngga ada habisnya ya, ada aja. nice post. like it :)


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