Food Tasting - TeraWalk Station, Bandung

December 28, 2014

Sipping on a cup of coffee with family or friends on a cloudy afternoon beside a railroad with trains passing by every few minutes. Sounds fun? It was an interesting experience indeed! :)

This is actually a very late post..
A few weeks ago, my friend invited me to try his new cafe, TeraWalk Station. Located at the back side of the Panghegar Hotel Bandung, this place is quite unusual. It's not really spacious, but I kinda like the atmosphere there. With a classic-art deco style, it feels like we're going back to the earlier times.

TeraWalk serve a variety kind of food and beverages. From the local dishes like Sup Pindang Iga Sapi (Boiled Beef Ribs with Spices) and a nice cup of coffee from local coffee beans, to Rissoto and a variety of Mojitos. Their Sup Pindang Patin (Boiled Catfish with Spices) was our favorite so far, it's very rich in flavor. They also have a few type of coffee blends, hot or cold.

Sup Pindang Iga Sapi (Boiled Beef Ribs with Spices)

Oh.. and they also have a variety of green smoothies and blended fruitmix, with and without soda in it. But I think they need a little change for those fruitmix, because some of them are just too "orangey". 

Green Smoothies & Blended Fruitmix

Every few minutes, a waiter will ringing the bell near the cafe's entrance. It is a sign that tells the costumers that a train will soon pass through the railway beside the cafe. The waiter will continue ringing the bell until the train has passed. It's quite fun hearing the sound of the train right beside my table while having a cup of nice warm coffee. I definitely would like to come back there trying their new dishes and take more pictures. This place is very instagram-enic, hihiii..

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