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May 29, 2015

Dessert in a bowl is one of currently favorite in town. Contains of everything sweet from candies to chocolates and ice creams, served cold in various kind of bowls. And the main thing is, they have to look fancy enough to be putting on Instagram!

I had some of them randomly this couple of months. No, I couldn't capture every single moment of them of course! (Remember my cute little monster that couldn't bare to touch any good looking foods?! Bye bye fancy food pictures!) But this time I got a cover by my friend's phone, yay! Thanks, D! :D
I was actually came to The Dream's Cake on the end of March, but I just found these picture stuck on one of my random folder, so here it is..

They call it Cococi, contain of half coconut bowl that filled with mochi, ice cream, fruits, and other toppings, of your choice. It's simply everything of your favorite on a coconut bowl! Mine was a Red Velvet Mochi, Lychees, Green Tea Ice Cream, and Froot Loops for topping. And those fancy bowl was served with a cool coconut water with cotton candy on top of its cute little bottle. It just couldn't get even fancier! 

I was actually very impressed of their style that night, but there was this little thing that totally bugging me. That oh-so-gross moldy mini wooden tray was really contrast with the fancy looks of the dessert bowl. I know those tray looked way better on the first few weeks, but without an appropriate maintenance, a cool looking tray could be a disaster on the next few months. :(

Looks better on this side though it flipped over..
I really hope they could fix this problem. But after all, Cococi was one fine fancy dessert! I really love how it look, and how it taste, of course! Who doesn't like a bowl full of those sweet treats?! hahaaa.. their green tea ice cream and red velvet mochi is nice too. 

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