Quick Post: My Life This Week

July 08, 2015

Been away for couple weeks without scheduling my post. Need to catch up very soon! But first, let me share a bit of my lame connection lately. My internet connection at home is out of order for a week now, I've called the operator, tweet the customer care, a field officer came once and said he'll be back to repair the cable last week, but that's it, nothing changed until now. I tried to call the operator again this morning, hope something could come up soon. :(

Any idea what internet connection best used in Indonesia? Please let me know.. I used Telkom IndiHome right now. I like it when everything is fine. But when troubles come, they were always like disappear.. What is wrong with customer service in this country?? (-_- )
Thanks God I still have my phone connection!

Anyway, what do you do on the night when your little one is finely down in his dream? This is how I spend my me time lately.. with a cup of coffee, a hook, couple of yarns, and a crochet pattern.
Good night peeps, rest well! :)

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