Food Tasting - Koyuki Japanese Ice Cream

July 08, 2015

What's new in Bandung?
Matcha feat. Charcoal soft ice cream!

Koyuki Matcha x Charcoal | IDR 10k
Me, S and lil' Q were having a dinner at Riau Junction yesterday when we spotted a couple with a cup and a cone full with green and black soft ice cream. Whaaatt?? Who could resist a soft ice cream after dinner?? Well, not me of course! Hahaa..

Koyuki Japanese Ice Cream is located inside the mall, near the back cashier at the ground floor. Just ask the guards if you couldn't find it. ;)
They have matcha (green tea) and bamboo charcoal flavor. Interesting huh? They said the black one is from bamboo charcoal. I couldn't imagine how they made it but it sure taste good!

>> Koyuki - Japanese Ice Cream <<
Riau Junction
LLRE Martadinata No. 17

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