5 DIY Plastic Bottle Ideas

July 14, 2015

Got some plastic bottles that used to be a water bottle, shampoo, liquid soap, or lotion packages? Keep them away from your trash bin because you could recreate them all into a cool and reusable products.

1. A Frighteningly Cute Pencil Holder.
This DIY project is perfect for your kids room decor (or for yours). Those monsters are super cute!
via madamecriativa.com
Here is the how-to-do-it pictures. Go to madame criativa web here for the details. It's on Portuguese so you might need translator.

via madamecriativa.com

2. Cute Cat Planter
I saw this planter on Pinterest, they are too adorable..!! ♥ Get the directions over this page.
via brudily.com

3. Charging Cell Phone Holder
Also a smart way to reuse your lotion or baby shampoo bottles! Directions over here.
via makeit-loveit.com
4. Makeup Storage
Some bottles come with a nice shapes and colors, too cool to just throw it away after it was empty. This is a great idea to solve that problem!
via pluii.com.br

5. Piggy Coin Bank
This one is super easy! Get your kids to help making this coin bank, they're gonna love it. Here is the video of how to make it.
via marthastewart.com

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