Pocci Cafe Bandung, Woof!

November 22, 2016

This cute little red and white cafe had caught my eyes for a couple times before. We finally visit it two weeks ago, in the name of my curiosity, hahaa.. We visited it again few days after since our dear friend Au haven't got time to come here.

We came for an early dinner after spending a rainy afternoon in another coffee shop. It was Saturday night but thank God there were some empty sofas available inside. We rarely go out on Saturday night lately because Bandung on the weekend is getting too crowded and the traffic is waaaay too crazy to be taken..

Anyway, this place is well decorated. The red doors is super catchy. Pocci the dog will greet you from the front door, and he is all over the wall inside the cafe. I can feel that the owner gave his/her personal touch all over the place. I started to think that Pocci might be the name of the owner's dog, and wondering how he looks like. :P

I really love those lamps and cups that hanging from the ceiling.

They have separated areas for smokers (outside) and non smokers (inside). It was raining before we got there, they don't have any roof to cover the outside area. I bet that spot would looks way better in the morning with the sunshine shining through it.

They put some long sofas with lots of fluffy pillows inside. So cozy! And because it was early November. they still got some Halloween decorations inside. Cute!

They have various snacks, foods and beverages. I've tried their Fish and Chips on our first visit and it was very nice. The fish fingers were nice and well cooked, and I really like their potato chips. Thinly sliced made them very crispy, and it was well seasoning too.

This time we had Creamy Salmon Fettuccine (55), Fried Rice (35) and Chicken Katsu Curry Rice (45). Everything were very nice but the Curry was my favorite this time. I had some curry rice before but none of them taste good in my opinion, that's why curry is usually never be on my list. But since my friend recommended it (because she knows that the owner is a real Japanese), so we tried. And this one turned out fit just right for my tongue, yay!

I know, It might not looks very appealing from the plating, but it actually taste good! If only they put the curry a little bit nicer and slower on top of the katsu, it would look better I think.

We ordered Blue Aceh (forgot the full name) on our first visit, but I would say, if you are a coffee lover, you might want to pass on this one. It was too sweet since they put quite a lot of blue curacao syrup, and we barely taste the coffee. But their Oreo Frappe (also forgot its name on the menu list), Ice Matcha Latte (28) and Caramel Frappuccino (35) were quite nice.

Look at those Pocci's quotes wall of fame..!! 

> > Pocci < <
Cimanuk 12, Citarum
Bandung - Indonesia

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  1. Huaaaa, suasananya nyaman banget, maunya lama-lama deh di sana, makanannya gimana mbak? Gemesin ga rasanya?



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