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August 31, 2009

what I've been doing all day yesterday..?? had so much fun..!!

- went to gramedia, read comics and checked out some stuffs..
- at blitz.. watched the proposal.. another great movie.. loving it! ;)

- went to gramedia (yes, again.. hahaaa!!we just love being in that book store).. bought a magazine..

- at papaya, bought an onigiri and a bottle of mineral water..
- at komugi.. it's right beside papaya, bought some breads.. they taste good.. :>
- then we went to ya kun kaya, had an ice lychees and a set of coffee that came with a couple of soft-boiled eggs and a french toast caramel bread with cheese that served with kaya jam.. oooow we just looove their jam..!! ^o^

anyway, sats just bought a new sketch book, and he drew me while I was reading the magz..

know what? he is really good at using pencils and almost all kind of drawing stuffs.. hahaa..

- at carrefour, bought some indomie (it is one of the most famous noodles brand in our country, you should try them! they have variety of flavours) and also a pack of coffee, of course..

after all that things we did at P.V.J mall, we went to Bebek Paris Van Java for dinner.. me, had a slice of baked duck and Sats had a kalasan fried duck.. they taste really great..!! mmm, yummy.. :D

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