Little things..

August 07, 2009

Bought little things for earn some other Rp, hihiii.. :P
I have lot of things to be done this week.. So I went to Otista with my friend yesterday, and found those gorgeous little things there..

It was happened yesterday too,me and my friends went to 2 different technical meeting for 2 different fairs, and both of those was really unbelievable, not really made us want to go to that kind of meetings anymore, hahaa..

Anyway, the first fair is going to be held on this weekends, Saturday and Sunday.. So I am going to make some more accessories to be sold on the fair days..

And... Last night, couldn't wait for another day, I just made three of them, hahaaa..!! Check them out..!!

Another day has come, now let's make some other..!! \(^o^)/

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