Semarang Culinary - Tahu Petis Prasojo

August 08, 2015

I'm not really a fan of tahu petis, but this one is actually taste good!

Tahu petis is a fried tofu filled with thick black sauce called petis. Petis is made of shrimp, has a sweet and salty taste. Tahu petis is one of the traditional snack in Semarang.

Tahu Petis Prasojo is one of the famous place that sells tahu petis and other Semarang's typical fried snacks. They said this place is always full of people and the snacks are run out pretty fast, especially on Ramadan time. The people here like to breaking the fast with those fried snacks.

They filled the tofu with petis right after you ordered it. That's why it taste fresh bite after bite. If you would like to bring those tahu petis on a long trip, ask the seller to wrap the tofu and petis separately.

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