eat some..

November 28, 2009

haaaaaaaaaa...!! it's a long long time.. Couldn't believe I didn't write anything down here for like a month..!! I guess something wrong with my life cycle lately..

Anyway, I just hang out with my friends last Thursday, eat some good food, try some good coffee, and took some pics. It has been fun since it was rainy outside. :P

We went to Nanny's Pavilion here in Bandung. They have great pancakes, fries and pasta, and coffee too..!! Last night's fettuccine carbonara was great! Love the creamy sauce, almost lick the plate, hahaaa.. :D

One of the guy there (I think he is the manager) told me that they use Illy coffee. Well that's really great, 'cause we have lots of coffee shop here but I hardly found Illy. Going back there soon..!! \(^0^)/

PS: If you come there on weekend, prepare yourself for waiting on the line!! heheee..

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