Hey you! Long time no see..

July 16, 2010

ghraaawwwlll..!! (,,,)(o_o)(,,,)
It's really been a long long time since I made the last post.. I just saw my page couple minutes ago and realized that I didn't post a thing on June!! Crap!! (+_+)
So many things I want to share.. So little time.. I guess I'll be back soon on August..

Wish me luck for my final project!! I'm doing my best to finish it this week.. fightiiing..!! \(^o^)/

Anyway, this is some things I've done recently..




Thanks to Sats, Aga (my lil' brother), Amen, and Ucup for the helps.. also Ociw, Widsung and Pekyu for being there at the class, hahaa.. We stayed late and sometimes stay overnight at our class during this 2 months.. finishing our projects.. Actually, each of us have our own project to be done this month.. Wish us luck!! :D

hahaaa.. like a mess, don't you think?? Well those things keeps me awake 'till the morning.. ^^

Ok! I guess that's it for today.. can't wait the day I could see my blog everyday again..!! ^o^

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  1. Hihihi... Serius amat mukanya!!!
    Sukses buat TA-nya.. :D


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