Short Trip To Semarang

December 10, 2010

It's been a long time since the last time I'm out of the town, and finally I got the chance to traveling..
I just got back from my trip to Semarang last weekend with my family and Sats. We went there by car, through some other towns. There were so many interesting views along the road.

We past through a town named Brebes..

The map between Bandung and Semarang, and the A-point is Brebes..
It was on the morning, and there we can find so many people cycling to go to work, to school, and to the traditional market..

Brebes 01
A guy that came across our car.. I love his old bicycle, wish I had one..

Brebes 02
Brebes 03
Some men tied up a hoe behind their bike, I think they were going to the field. In Brebes, people do farming. One of their product is the red onion.

Brebes 04
I wonder which one is older, the old man or his bicycle..

Brebes 05
I guess this woman bring those two baskets everyday, to the market, and might be full with red onions..

Brebes 06
Hustle.. At the traditional market..

Oooppss.. It's 1 a.m already and my bed is waiting. So I guess I will post the rest of my quick trip's snapshot latter.. Still got plenty of pictures when I was in Semarang.. Just wait and see.. ;)

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